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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wildcard Week in Review

I am zero and four.

Of the four games, I only watched about 3 quarters total but listened to 2 hours of pre and post game commentary.

Cowboys vs. Eagles: Tony Romo does not have a career in announcing or commentating after life on the field. During a psych assessment, we have do describe affect and his was FLAT. You would think for a the first playoff win since 1996 there would be some emotional expression but he kept repeating himself and stuttering in a drone tone. The game was not even a game.

Bengals vs. Jets: Well, bummer. Another dull game that I thought would be a bit more rough and tumble.

Patriots vs. Ravens: There is still a warm spot in my belly after this blowout. We were on our way to brunch when the game started and by the time we got there, the Ravens had scored 2 touchdowns, and a table of people by the bar were holding there ears and yelling at us "we are taping the game nananananananananana." Phft. Probably Pat fans. And thus the demise of a 21 year record of winning playoff games at home.

Cardnals vs. Packers: Fred said this would be the most interesting game of the weekend and he was right. I was really happy for Warner, especially if this turns out to be his last NFL year. I think this will probably be the last year Greenbay is not considered a top contender after the near comeback.

This coming week is when all of the good stuff happens and hopefully I will call at least one game correctly.

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