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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jets vs Chargers

So the Jets did great last week. Bully for them. Can the coach shut up now?

Jets: I stand by my comments from last week. I think the Jets have faith in their own hype which is being escalated by Rex Ryan, at least in the news conferences I have seen. It is going to take more than belief in your superiority to come after San Diego.

Chargers: I guess at this point I think rest is key. At the beginning of the season Mike and Mike had them going to the super-bowl against the Eagles and I had no idea why. After looking at their record, now I get it, sort of.

My Pick: Chargers (I really don't feel one way or another about it though)

THe best part about this game is watching it at BW3s and chowing on some wings!

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