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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Patriots vs Ravens

My dislike of Tom Brady knows no bounds. The fact he was off an entire season and the talking heads just assumed he would waltz back on the team and win a 5th Super Bowl ring annoys me to no end. And Bill Belichick - not since Jimmy Johnson at Miami (you can't spell scum without "UM") or Dallas have I disliked a coach more. How in the world can everyone know you are a cheater and it be okay to the point where the NFL just destroys the evidence? The guy is heralded as this wonderful coach who studies and solicits improvements from other teams he admires and, other than that one bad call earlier this season (I forget which game, something to do with a 3rd and 4 or something), he is still considered a stand-up coach.

Arrrrgggg - my blood pressure!

I can't name a single player from the Ravens, but what I do know is they were beat by the Patriots earlier this season and the Patriots just don't loose at home in the post-season.

Nail in the coffin.

My pick: Patriots (#?@!?$%^@(&@$*@^^@%!^@ and ^$*!^!@?!#%)

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