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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eagles vs Cowboys

Let's be clear on this - I don't care.

As W.C Fields says - I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."

Since I am a Giants fan, I want both of these teams to loose. I cannot have my way so I have to root for someone. During the game last week, I was rooting for Dallas solely so the Vikings would have a bye week as the #2 seed ("look maw, I learn'ed me something!").

Eagles: On New Year's Eve I predicted Donovan McNabb would win MVP of the super bowl. After last week's crushing defeat by Dallas, I am not sure how likely that is they will even get to the divisional playoff game, but I do know a man playing out the end of his contract has a lot to play for. I also know in August, a lot of commentators were predicting it would be an Eagles/Patriots or Eagles/Chargers super bowl, and I just love it when those guys have to eat crow.

Dallas: The December curse seems to be over and they have to be riding high on defeating the Eagles, Redskins and New Orleans. Let's not mistake this week for a repeat of last week, however. Overconfidence may play a huge factor in this game and, fancy new stadium or not, they have been walloped in their own house more than once this season. And can you really beat a team 3 times in a row that othet the Raiders or the Lions.

Is it me, or did Tony Romo man-up and become more likable after his relationship with Jessica Simpson was over?

My Prediction: I started to say Dallas but the word got stuck in my throat. I call Eagles, but not by much. I think they are going to rally and get it together and possibly cause an injury.

But as I said - this week I don't care. Next week, I care.

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  1. This is one of those times when you root for your friend's team because you wish good things in her life ... unless her team plays my team. So, this was not a good outcome tonight.

    And as a spectator, it was also quite frustrating to watch, as it looked like a big sloppy mess with no real excitement