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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cowboys vs Vikings

Or as so many of the commentators pronounce it, Kaboys.

Well, this is the game where Romo proves himself one way or another. Will the roaring crowds get to him? Will Adrian Peterson sack him more than 3 times? Will he hurt his pinky finger again? Or is this the game where he demonstrates all the praise he has been getting lately is fully justified proving you don't have to be a first round draft pick to be a champion?

And speaking of late in the draft, this is also the game where Brett Farve can stick to all of the commentators who think he should have retired 2 years ago as a Packer. Of course he could also show himself to be a wishy-washy old man much to the delight of most of the commentators out there who wish they could have played into their mid 30s let alone 40s. It all happens in a couple of hours and I will probably cower in a corner afraid to watch.

Cowboys: They have had an awesome run the past few weeks, but demolishing the same team twice after the Eagles had obviously given up is not great practice against a well rested Vikings team. They did beat the Saints at home and broke their winning streak after coming off 2 losses to the Giants (yeah!) and San Diego (smaller yeah). But is the fervor of a winning streak or loosing streak the fire that fuels their wins?

Vikings: Home field advantage could be the big tipper here since it seems Vikings fans have truly embraced Farve. They came off some late season losses and are hungry for the Superbowl. I also think the rest will help them out more than continuous play. A lot of the talking heads say the lack of training camp when Farve walked on the team is starting to show - maybe. But maybe not wasting it all in the beginning is what has gotten him this far.

My Pick: Vikings (and yes, this is an emotional and hopeful pick!)

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