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Friday, January 15, 2010

Colts vs Ravens

My mother really wanted me to marry Peyton Manning . . . . before Fred came along, of course! Living in proximity has made me a fan and it is one of the few pro-teams I have seen play live (in the 90s in the old-old domed stadium).

Colts: Has Manning cooled off since what, by all rights, should have been a 16-0 season going into the playoffs? Not sure, but of all the teams who have a week off, this is the one that I think is most vulnerable. They have had a lot of come from behind wins this season, but they cannot risk that 2 minute warning save this week.

Ravens: Ahh, my saviors last week. And what a lead right off the bat! They have proven they can win against a big team in their own house and score big leads in the first quarter. They have a lot of fire and a lot of confidence right now, and it could carry them or kill them.

My pick: Colts (maybe a little fandom influence)

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