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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ketchup vs Mustard

Well, that is what my niece called the Greenbay vs Cardinals game last week.

Many of the commentators say Aaron Rodgers is one of best QBs in the league right now. I don't get it, largely because my elementary understanding of football begins and ends with who got to the playoffs and the Super Bowl most recently. I get that it takes a team to win a championship, I just am not sure what makes a good QB aside from getting the ball to a receiver and not allowing interceptions. This is a large part of what makes me a football fraud - I am listening to commentators instead of watching the game.

So far all of the teams who got crushed last week are getting crushed this week, which leads me to believe Greenbay wins this week. However, one of the reasons the Cardinals got stomped was because they pulled Kurt Warner, one of my favorite QBs, out early. They have not had the best record at home this season though, so I don't consider it an advantage. I really wanted them to win the Super Bowl last year and I will root for them today as well. If Greenbay wins it means a potential 3rd game this season with the Vikings - yawn. I do like Brett Farve (what can I say, I like guys in the 40s - less than a decade to go Fred!) and would rater see the too "oldies" battle it out than have another grudge match that has to be wearing a little thin for Rodgers.

My Pick: Greenbay (but GoOoOoO KETCHUP!!!).

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