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I am a female football fraud. By the end of the 2010 season, I plan to go from a talker to a knower and crush the game predicting competition. Why do I call myself a fraud? Click here to find out!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week Four Picks

Falcons - as long as the head has come down from last week

Jets - but it would be awesome if the Bills finally won one. They came close against my now second most disliked team, coach, and quarterback in the NFL.

Bengals - I wonder if the Brown will trot out McCoy. I get they want to "save him for good" but maybe now would be a good time to wet his beak a little.

Packers - I normally do not go for a team that played the previous Monday, and the Lions look pretty good loosing. I would not take the current 11.5 spread. Rodgers is still on my top 5 least favorite quarterbacks this season. The guy is hiding something, I just know it!

Titans - I think they have it at home, otherwise I would call Broncos.

Seahawks - I love a coach who puts it on like he is a total goof-bucket while having the heart of Machiavelli.

Saints - I really hope they win this week. That city has been through so much.

Ravens - Only because I think the fix is in. Big Ben coming back to 4-0? Someone with big knuckles will make sure that doesn't happen!

Texans - I still believe, and Dallas was due last week anyway

Colts - Nothing illuminating to say here

Eagles - And the fans won't boo McNabb any more than they did when he was their quarterback.

Chargers - When in doubt, I am picking the home team.

Giants - Yes, my guys are boys this season, but they had an extra day over the Bears and home field advantage. They will pull it together.

Dolphins - Another in my shortlist of contenders