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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cardinals vs Saints

Of all the games this weekend, this is the one I am the least nervous about because I will feel the same no matter who wins.

Cardinals: Unless they win the Superbowl, I predict this is not Kurt Warner's last season. Last week, despite winning in a nail-biter overtime after allowing the Pack to continually catch-up after a substantial lead, I thought they showed themselves much stronger than the talking heads had them. Especially after two of talking heads were wearing silly hats today (aheem, Mike and Mike). This season, they have done better away than at home, and the Saints have quite the whooping crowd of fans.

Saints: Well who doesn't feel good after a week off, right? But who doesn't feel bad after being so close to an undefeated season only to blow it, big time? I get the feel the boys are going to get it back together for this game and give a good fight. And Brees had better show us something or else he is going to be pegged as a QB who looks good in dress rehearsal but wets his pants when the curtain goes up.

My Pick: Saints

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