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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bengals vs Jets

By all rights I should be a Jets fan since I grew up in Schenectady, NY, but I have always been apathetic. Even though we live in Louisville and Cincinnati is the closest NFL team, I am equally ho-hum. Given that both Mark Sanchez and Chad JOHNSON (do I really need to call him Eight Five?) are on my every growing do-not-like list, this is, like the Cowboys-Eagles match, a don't care wild-card game.

Jets: How do you spell inconsistency? I spell it S-A-N, well, you get my point. Despite last week's win, I don't think this team has the juice to go all the way, no matter how pretty the QB is. They should not pat themselves too hard on the back for breaking the Colts undefeated record since the loss was planned. Nothing in their win record is particularly impressive unless you count the one against the Patriots in the beginning of the season before Brady got his mojo back.

Bengals: These guys have had a lot of tragedy this year and have somehow managed to become real threats. Sure, they got shut out last week, but Carson Palmer is back (okay, I had to look that up, but I only did it after I made my pick) and I think the boys are ready to rock their home field advantage. Eight Five has been a bit less obnoxious over the past few games, so I am even willing to be excited if they win.

My Pick: Bengals, well fought, but not down-to-the-wire close

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  1. Well, at least they did not go down in disgrace. That is something, anyway.