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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hall of Fame Weekend

After a week at UT Memphis and little sleep, I crashed and did not get to watch the induction in its entirety. I did catch the speeches from the men responsible for this being named the biggest talent class in FHOF history.

Jerry Rice: I like what this man had to say. Fear of failure as a driving force to success and "no negativity" can make you weak. I love how he ribbed Smith a bit durning his speech and ow good competition forces you to improve your game. Pride, respect, teamwork, striving for perfection and, as a nice adaptation from JFK's speech, caring more about what you can to for football than what football can do for you should be the point of playing - not showboating and getting attention for antics both on and off the field. Very nice. Unfortunately, the point was not taken by TO and 8-5 who ran around with the yellow jacket proclaiming yet begging for a future HOF legacy.

Emmit Smith: I don't think anyone was too surprised at Smith getting emotional right from the start. I nearly teared up when he singled out Troy Aikman and Micheal Irvin - "without you, there is no me. That is why we are called the triplets!" and then Daryl "moose" Johnson. I enjoyed his story about how he got where he is today and how he singled out all the members of his family. Especially touching was the story about living the dream of his father By sharing the same name with him, his, grandfather, and son, they were all going into the Hall of Fame. He also gave some great advice - write your goals down, be consistent, put your family first, and "claim your inner champion, never let others define you - you define yourself."

Bengals meet the Cowboys tonight!

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