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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Combine and Trade Talk

I felt vaguely uncomfortable watching the Combine and the post-day commentary.

While I understand how all of these tests translate to football, it also seems like you could be spectacular at all of these exercises but not so great on the field and vica versa. After watching the olympics where you can tell how much it matters, I am not sure how a couple tenths of a second slower than the fastest guy is really that major of a down check.

With all of the running, jumping, and agility testing they put these guys through, I was waiting to see if someone was going to come around and feel their gums like a camel at market. It is like thoroughbreds being worked out before being put up for auction. Granted, the payoff can be 8-figures, a future spot on dancing with the stars and their own brand of vodka, but it is still a slightly dehumanizing display.

The trade talk is also in full force. When they discussed how one player would be a good bargain for the money at 32 and another at 34 was not going to have the same play in him that he has had in seasons past, I was reminded of the yearly Humane Society promotion where every animal over 3 years old has their adoption fee waived.

I realize the phrase "human trafficking" is an exaggeration, but these guys are little more than stock trades and show ponies. I find myself a little more sympathetic to the strike talk from the players union after the past couple of days.

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