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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 3 Predictions (updated)

Let's see how well I do picking this weeks winners:

49ers (so close, so due)

Lions (ditto)

Patriots (damn it)

Saints (I really hope they win this week. That city has been through so much.)

Giants (sentimental choice)

Buccaneers (home-field advantage)

Panthers (I believe in Clausen at least beating the spread)

Ravens (the original Browns, sort of)

Texans (on my Top 5 superbowl contenders)

Redskins (no contest)

Eagles (even I want to watch Vick)

Colts (the fire is back)

Cardinals (going with the line on this one)

Seahawks (going against the line on this one)

Dolphins (wishful thinking but still a possibility)

Bears (because I feel like it . . . and I feel compelled to moderate the fever of the Packer fans I will be sharing wings with)


Correct Pick:
Ravens (no surprise)
Patriots (rough win)
Colts (no big prize for calling this one)
Seahawks (phew)
Cardinals (close call)
Eagles (Vic - credit where credit is due)

Bad Pick:
Giants ("sigh")
Saints (I admit, I am really happy on that one - awesome game)
Lions (500 TDs - way to go BF)
Texans (also slightly happy)
Buckaneers (maybe the Steelers don't need Big Ben to come back?)
Panthers (I knew it was a long shot)
49ers (surprised they got that spanked!)
Redskins (apparently it was no contest for the Rams)
Dolphins (ugggg! Well, it was a wishful thinking pick)

7:9. Wow - that was bad!

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