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Monday, September 20, 2010

Watching Monday Night Football . . .

. . . and WWE Monday night Raw (man things have gone downhill since they stopped 'roiding), I am hoping the presence of Jerry Rice will help a San Francisco win at home. Actually, I am hoping for the kinds of wins where no one in the playoffs last year will be in the playoffs this year! Unfortunately, I have already had several disappointments in the past 2 weeks, and some of them I am feeling really conflicted about.

Patriots/Jets: Okay, sit down, I actually wanted them to beat the Jets yesterday. Sort of. I was so conflicted. On one hand, the Jets winning would mean each lost a game, on the other, I am doubly irritated over the reaction of the sports-talk media to the reporter incident last week. Is it too much to ask that we retire the "she was asking for it" and "boys will be boys" cliches that are used as an excuse for unprofessional behavior? But I begrudgingly admit that the Jets did get some horrible calls that Ryan got repealed - he may be a bombastic pompous ass, but he does back his team. And Tom Brady's hair is stupid. What the heck happened to them after the first quarter? I was ready for 2 hours of back-and-forth domination, but it fizzled out.

Cowboys: They used the be the team I hated more than anything, but Tony Romo grew on me last season and I am a little bummed they are 0-2. Someday I will see a game in the new stadium.

Lions: So close, but no dice.

Redskins: I declared myself a fan when the Eagles traded out McNabb, and I was thrilled with their week-one win. They gave it a great go against the Texans this week, a team that I think is going to dominate.

Manning vs Manning: Another conflict. As a lifelong Giants fan, of course I was rooting for them, but I was happy Indy pulled them out of the shame of a beating last week by the Texans. I just wish they could have done it in a little less of a smackdown.

Eagles: Okay, I have mentioned more than once I feel Vick is a scumbag, but he is exciting to watch, especially since he got his legs back.

Favre: Favre.

There are a lot of potential bright-spots this weekend, and I plan on expounding on those later this week.

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